feast lingerie|Small Bra Sizes AAA, AA and A Cup


-About feast-

"feast" is a lingerie brand especially for girls who have small breasts.
The rubber band for underbust fits your body perfectly,
and they are designed to look attractive on especially the person with small breast.

About the brand name

We named our brand in the hope of making our products to be “a luxurious morning feast” for you, imagining your heart's fluttering by choosing beautiful lingeries on a lazy morning, as choosing a dessert.

Designer's distress which made her found the brand

The brand was created from distress of Gomi Hayakawa, the designer of "feast".

”Why do I have to feel wretched only because I have a flat chest? Why can’t I choose cute underwears?”

That was reasonable because it is not rare being asked to buy one size bigger at the store when you have small breasts like A cup. Even when she was able to find bras that might fit her, they were usually made to get more or to show cleavage. Therefore they were not cute for the person with small breast.

What is
"Cinderella Bust"?

Then Hayakawa proposed the term “Cinderella Bust.”

Cinderella Bust refer to small breasts such as small cup sizes or small band sizes. It comes from the term “Cinderella Size” for small shoe size. In Japan, “貧乳(Hin-nyuu)”, which means "poor-boobs", was the most popular word for small breasts until then. Since the meaning of character “貧(Hin)” is “poor,” it is not avoidable to get a negative impression.

However, there are no absolute criteria of beauty depending on the size of breasts originally, and we hope that all women have confidence in their natural appearances. From this perspective, the term “Cinderella Bust” includes our belief “make as you are more beautiful” that "feast" proposes.

Promoting the joy of choosing underwear to more people

It has been four years since we launched the brand and many people including people with Cinderella Bust have loved our brand.

For example, people who are struggling with the disease with resulting foveated chest, who have a curved spine and feel pain when they wear ordinary bras, who want to wear soft and easy to put on and taken off for breastfeeding, and so on.

"feast" continues evolving everyday to enable more people to feel pleasure of “choosing underwear.”

Making sustainable brand
by reasonable price

Though we have a great story like above, we are still a small brand which started with one designer who was only 19 years old. However, even little, we have a mission that keeps on delivering our products to more people as long as there are girls who are losing their confidence because of her breast size.

For the sake of this, we will not try to sell a lot at the low price, but we focus on producing high-quality products at a reasonable price, also for manufacturing factories. Our designers designed all products of "feast" with all their love and produced in Japanese factories carefully.

We are more than happy if you take a fancy for our products.

Why non-wire bras?

There are two main kinds of bras: underwire bra and non-wire bra. We produce non-wire bras because they have benefits for the body.

Seeing from the perspective of beauty, it has less support to keep the ideal shape of the breasts. However, non-wire bras are better for the body because it doesn’t restrict lymph circulation and feel comfortable.

Therefore, there are many usages of non-wire bras not only everyday-use by the reason above, but also choosing between non-wire and underwire bras according to your condition.

Please try them and let's find the better way to get along with bras together!